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Destiny Weapon Paintings & GuardianCon

Destiny Weapon Paintings & GuardianCon

Eyes up, Guardians.

I'm going to GuardianCon (come hell or high water), and I've been working on some paintings to take and show off at my booth in the Artists Alley. 

I am still working on logistics for the convention, but my current idea with these works (and possibly a few others) is to try to figure out some way to do a charity auction. This is all coming together super fast and basically very, very last minute, and it's literally my first time presenting at an Artists Alley. TBH, it might be too late to coordinate some things. I would like to do something big to contribute to St. Judes in the spirit of the event. Hopefully I can find a way to make things work, logistically... But maybe it's best that I stick to building some really great stands to help display my work.

Regardless of how any specific idea for presenting my works at the convention pans out, I'll be bringing many original works, some pop-culture reference pieces, prints and other Destiny-themed works. Hopefully folks will enjoy what I can manage to fit into the van, and I double hope the van can make it all the way from DC to Tampa.

I'm pledging 20% of all sales to St. Judes from this lead up to GuardianCon and my offerings at the Artists Alley. I think these paintings could really get some people excited in an auction, but I want to contribute at least a little from what I hope is a great weekend with fellow Guardians, so even if I can't pull off any other logistical miracles, at least I have that pledge. (^___^.)b

Thanks for checking out my artwork. Come back for more soon, I'll be posting throughout the run up to the convention. It's daunting and exciting and crazy, but I cannot wait to make the 14 hour drive (hopefully with a convention buddy!).




 - Linda Belcher, Bob's Burgers


I am going to sell art there!* It is a huge event for me. It's a huge event for them. It will be a huge audience. I am bringing original works and Destiny themed works. I have been working nonstop on this and other paintings and design works for the last 3 weeks now. 

Ace of Spades - 42x36" acrylic and mixed media, hand painted on canvas.

I want to describe some fairly serious stuff in this post, and ask a really big favor. I'm very interested in feedback on all of it. Please use the comments or e-mail me, especially if you know me or received a separate e-mail about this.

I have to admit that I fell into a funk after I left my IT career in April. I finished a few works in April and May, but I largely felt unmotivated and anxious about stepping up to do any work. But since June started (and I hit rank 60 Dead Orbit to get that Graviton Catalyst...) I've finished nearly a dozen new works already and have plans to finish another five within the week. I'm submitting to shows. Submitting to publications and for art prizes. It is great. The culmination of my work, whether I spent it wisely or not, will be GuardianCon.

And as some of you who will read this know, the weekend after I left my previous job, my father became fairly ill. I won't share his details, because that's his story and his right to share those details. I bring it up only to note how deeply it affected me. It compounded a lot of things that I was already struggling with and I wasn't prepared for the confluence of them. I think I fell into actual depression. Upon reflection, without the requirements of a full time job, and with time as a catalyst for introspection, I think I can now admit that this has happened many times. I'm not sure that it's clinical. I'm not sure it needs a doctor. But I'll interrogate that personally and seek professional help as soon as it is possible. Some great friends and family have already offered some amazing support and that is buoying at least and functional and productive at top tier.

Right now, I'm optimistic and I have a plan. Attending GuardianCon and making rent for August, September and even beyond may in fact be incredibly feasible- off of only one event. It may just be the perfect opportunity. It is also a long shot. Critically, it relies on the kindness of others to a degree that some may feel I do not deserve and that I know I haven't been the most reciprocal on in the past, but which I need now, desperately. And of course, I have backup plans. I even have a Plan C. But this convention and this opportunity might change my life forever and even if I have to scrape and beg and sell my possessions, I'll get there.

I'll be public about this every day until it works. Hopefully, it will be off the ground and flying by the end of this week. And I'll ride this torpedo to the very end.

* - Full, explicit disclosure: I cannot afford to go, yet. Please read more below if you want to help me get to the convention through commissions or donations.

I also have a big family event in Florida that weekend, and I am going to have to spend like 30+ hours in the car over a period of about 4 days in order to make this all work. But it's going to be worth it! I can feel it. Buuuut... It's also going to be tough, because I need to raise funds to get to the con and possibly produce more work.

So. July 13th and 14th, I'm going to be selling art at GuardianCon (the 14th is up in the air, if I can get some help from a friend or two to watch the booth) in Tampa, Florida. I also hope I get to play some Gambit before the release in September... and pee while my belongings and art stays safe at the convention... you know, logistics.

I have a 6x10 booth on the main floor with all of the other vendors. I will be with at least 15-20 other artists. Only a handful went last year and it SOLD OUT (see: @broman on DCP Podcast #89 -- Ed.). I chose to take the opportunity (and risk, definitely risk) to obtain my booth ASAP. Secure that spot. I heard recent episodes of DCP and I got stoked, so some other artists did too, and time and space are finite.

I think Bungie's recent updates and announcements have revitalized the community and the players. I get a very hopeful vibe from the parts of the community that I do interact with on twitter (a few other artists, podcasters, etc). 

Also, in the spirit of GuardianCon, I'm going to be contributing 20% of all sales at the convention (and the lead-up) to St. Judes Children's Research Hospital. I'm also working on some plans to possibly marathon some paintings live in the lead-up to the con to raise even more money- I'm a noob at video though, so that might be... rough...

SO. Add that all up. Opportunity. Charity. Positivity. Availability. Potential. 

I'm so stoked. This represents an opportunity for me show my work to a new and massive audience, allowing me the opportunity to continue working as an artist full time. It feels like a wonderful confluence.

It sucks that I couldn't extend my runway as long as I needed. It sucks that I feel like two months vanished into too-long sleeps and 3+ hour hikes with the dog, ear buds blocking everything out. Maybe that was healthy. I came through it. But time's arrow marches inexorably forward.

All that said, I do need help. If you're willing to pitch in, please hit me up for a commission. Or if you're feeling particularly generous, please visit my gofundme.

I'm glad I have time to explain this. Thanks for reading. For those of you who got this far and loved The Stranger in D1 as much as I did, here's a 2K wallpaper I made of her.

Also, I've posted a Variate/irrezolut Ghost with Hakke colors, that I'm using to do some promos for, well, all of this.

Destiny 1 2K Wallpaper - No Time to Explain

Detiny/Variate/irrezolut Ghost (with Hakke colors)


MIDA & Ace of Spades

MIDA & Ace of Spades

In an extension of my post from yesterday, I'm also working hard on some pieces of art inspired by the Destiny universe.

I've always been a huge fan of the way that Bungie crafts weapons with stories. Even in Halo, there was so much lore and great design in the gear. Destiny is one of those rare games that has gripped me hard. I've played hundreds of hours, starting in October when D1 was released.

Below are two acrylic/mixed media paintings. The first is of my favorite scout rifle- the MIDA Industries Multi Tool. And as a special tribute to my favorite Vanguard, Cayde-6, the Hunter Vanguard who I will be avenging come September... The Ace of Spades.

MIDA Multi Tool (D2 "Original", Full) - 36x42"

MIDA Multi Tool (D2 "Original", Detail)

Ace of Spades (D1/Variant) - 36x42"

Ace of Spades (D1/Variant, Detail)

More details are on my paintings page.

PS4 Hunter Main