Eyes up, Guardians.

I'm going to GuardianCon (come hell or high water), and I've been working on some paintings to take and show off at my booth in the Artists Alley. 

I am still working on logistics for the convention, but my current idea with these works (and possibly a few others) is to try to figure out some way to do a charity auction. This is all coming together super fast and basically very, very last minute, and it's literally my first time presenting at an Artists Alley. TBH, it might be too late to coordinate some things. I would like to do something big to contribute to St. Judes in the spirit of the event. Hopefully I can find a way to make things work, logistically... But maybe it's best that I stick to building some really great stands to help display my work.

Regardless of how any specific idea for presenting my works at the convention pans out, I'll be bringing many original works, some pop-culture reference pieces, prints and other Destiny-themed works. Hopefully folks will enjoy what I can manage to fit into the van, and I double hope the van can make it all the way from DC to Tampa.

I'm pledging 20% of all sales to St. Judes from this lead up to GuardianCon and my offerings at the Artists Alley. I think these paintings could really get some people excited in an auction, but I want to contribute at least a little from what I hope is a great weekend with fellow Guardians, so even if I can't pull off any other logistical miracles, at least I have that pledge. (^___^.)b

Thanks for checking out my artwork. Come back for more soon, I'll be posting throughout the run up to the convention. It's daunting and exciting and crazy, but I cannot wait to make the 14 hour drive (hopefully with a convention buddy!).