This week, I'm "halfway up the hill" to GuardianCon. And the hill isn't in the way, it is the way.

I know I got started late. But I did get started and I've been going full tilt for a little over a week. At this point I have a little under a week until I have to be packing the van and driving to Florida. But it is happening! I worked out the final logistical kinks and, while I'll only get to attend the convention on Friday, I'll still be there!

It has been incredibly fun to work on turning this around. And it has been so rewarding to interact with so many friends and family members who have been throwing their support behind this project and most importantly, behind me. 

Today I finished (and ordered) two designs for promotional items at the convention. New business cards and a flyer with Sunshot and a kind of CTA to contact, visit my site or bascially just consider me available for hire and commission work.

I also worked on one last design that hasn't fully come together, but I hope will solidify before Monday. I'm going to screen print the design below on some kraft bags if I can get a screen burned. Maybe I'll get a chance to print those up, too.

But for now, my next move is to finish the Jade Rabbit Custom, get photos done over the weekend and make 100 prints to take to the convention. And finish up any other works I can manage to cram in...


Thanks for reading. More soon.