Today is Monday, September 10th. I have decided to take advantage of the services offered by Patreon to connect with those of you who deem my work worthy of hanging in your homes, offices, game rooms, and various places of work.

You can check out my Patreon here:

I will be offering three things to you, potential Patron: digital art (wallpapers for your phone and computer), 4x6 postcard paintings, and prints.


These offerings will be completed on a monthly basis (except the prints- more on that below). Certainly new designs and new prints will be made available to patrons as well. And I will also endeavor to offer everything that I make for the Patreon available for sale on my Etsy and at shows, via local pickups, etc.

Previously, I made postcard paintings once a year for anyone who wanted one, for free. Those of you who received them will remember that they were somewhat random. I know many, many of you still have them in cherished spots in your home. Below you will see a few additional examples of these works.

I never kept those addresses or e-mails to keep in touch. I definitely should have. So I'm starting from scratch, in some ways. I hope, even if you previously received free art from me once a year, you'll consider subscribing at any level.


A wallpaper for your phone and computer- actually several for your phone, based on how the compositions will be made for large monitors. These will be formatted for high resolution screens and scaled down to fit most devices and screen ratios.


4x6 mixed media paintings, some started on blank postcards, others on extant postcards. These will be selected randomly from a batch created each month.

A huge number of examples of these kinds of paintings are available to view on my Flickr, with hundreds from previous years runs of gifted postcards. There are over 1,000 pieces to view, should you have the time. : )

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Inspired by the mechanics in video games, I have created a "loot table" of my prints, available at 9.5x13" and 13x19". For the remainder of 2018, I will create a table with four prints. Everyone who subscribes to the monthly print "loot table" will get all four prints, which I will feature here in another post. If you subscribe, I'll roll a D4 and you'll get the corresponding print (#1-4).

The table will also utilize a "knockout" feature, which I will use to prevent patrons from receiving duplicate art.


Next year, assuming things go well, I will offer 20 different prints. But you're saying to yourself- "How will that work? There's only 12 months in a year! How will I get the whole set?" Well, dear patron, I will offer bonus levels to receive "extra rolls" on the loot table each year so that you can obtain 20/20, if you are a completionist like I am.

More details on all of this soon, including the prints on offer for the remainder of 2018.


Additionally, this week I will find out if I am approved to work as an independent contractor via Task Rabbit.

After seeking a job relentlessly these past two months, I have been offered only a few interviews. So I am looking to gain income through some ancillary skills, such as decorating, furniture assembly and deliveries.

I'll post more on that soon, if I'm approved for this work. I expect to be, but I don't know the exact criteria used, and assume that if there is a dearth of users already offering the same skills as me, I might be put on a waiting list or something.

I will continue to apply to design and art jobs throughout the DC metro area, and will begin looking for new opportunities elsewhere as well.


Thanks for reading. More soon.