This week, I'm also super excited to be submitting work for the Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize. I'll also be submitting some recent works to their magazine for general consideration as well, but a good friend sent me their initial post about the Art Prize and only had to say "seemed [perfect]" to get me to jump into action.

I am considering three different pieces, but I can only submit one for the Art Prize. Two of the ones I'm considering are still in progress, but they will be finished by COB 6/30, the deadline for submissions. ; p

Unlike GuardianCon prep, which is taking up the rest of my time, for this I simply need to spend forty USD and send a JPG through a form. So it's a bit easier (but also so much harder...).

Smoker - 2012
One of my favorites of all time. This started its life as a commission and changed dramatically through 3 or 4 iterations. It's even upside down from the originally intended orientation.

Untitled Yellow Work - 2018
The final layers of this will tie some rough geometric and concentric shapes in a broad vertical line... I hope. Possibly a snake...

Untitled Blue Work - 2018
The final layers of this will refine some of the text, the R and the modified/fake kanji that makes up the edited version of the word "kadan" (which means "resolute" in Japanese). The symbol I'm thinking of is the Ouroboros for the center, circular area. So in this case, definitely a snake.


Untitled Yellow

Untitled Blue