Lucky at Cards

On the list of “I Should Haves” for GuardianCon 2019, there are some really important things. One of the lesser ones is: “I should have stayed an extra day, and slept in, hung out with my fellow guardians, and emailed all my new friends and customers from my hotel room”.

But here it is two full days later and I’m still recovering. I think I must look like I was hit by a vehicle of some sort, because everyone I saw when I did errands this morning asked if I was OK. Not “how are you” or “good morning” but straight up: Are you OK?

I slipped through to the start of the convention and all the way home, but it was a rough raid clear, so to speak. That’s a different story for a different blog post with some trigger warnings posted right at the top. In the meantime, I wanted to post a quick GuardianCon 2019 wrap-up.

Thorn & Lumina Charity Giveaways

First of all, thanks Florida. For being so far away, so hot and unpredictable and for having some gambling laws I wasn’t aware of while I was trying to plan the [REDACTED] for this year. Instead, we did a straightforward [REDACTED] and all of the proceeds went to St Jude. The total was $770 from 154 tickets sold. I rounded that up, for lower-case r reasons, to $777.

I’m tired. I spent a big portion of last week being reckless. I’ll spend some time recovering this week. And I’ll be better off from the things I learned through both failures and successes.

I know that comparison isn’t exactly a useful metric here. But it’s worth noting that I’ll be perfectly fine. A momentary wobble in time’s straight arrow. But some people might not be. So I was able to make art and shout and generate a few hundred extra dollars, and some hype at a convention that ultimately raised over 7M dollars this year.

I’m proud to be part of that. And I know I can do better and do even more.

Looking forward to next year.

Per Audacia ad Astra.