Last night I finished my first Raid in Destiny 2. I started at the beginning, with Leviathan.

Desktop Screenshot 2019.03.21 -

* … on PC- I've done tons of them on PlayStation. My clan did weekly clears on multiple characters during King’s Fall on D1… It was incredibly challenging and rewarding in terms of game play and teamwork.

So. This year. I set a goal for myself to do all of the D2 raids before I take my art to GuardianCon (4th of July weekend).

It might seem silly, but one of the things I was most disappointed in sharing with my fellow fans, after having mastered so much of them in D1, was that I never hit any goals with raids in D2. They’re unique experiences, and it is a badge of honor to complete them- especially on difficult challenge modes.

In Destiny 2, there's 5 raids right now, as of the Season of the Drifter- 1 is massive, 1 is huge, 1 is medium sized and 2 are fairly smol. I’ve heard it argued that 3 of them are small/shorter raids- but I don’t think that’s true. Something something Sparrows? Anyway. Leviathan came out just after launch, followed by Eater of Worlds with the Curse of Osiris launch, then Spire of Stars with Warmind. Forsaken saw the launch of the largest, and what will likely be the most challenging raid for me: The Last Wish. Recently, with the Black Armory, Scourge of the Past was released. I will aim at least 1 completion of each, possibly more… I’ll almost certainly attempt them all on Prestige difficulty as well.

Wednesday night I played "Leviathan", a 6 person 4 phase challenge, on 'Prestige' mode. It meant that the first 3 rounds had special challenges- harder mobs, players couldn't hold the same role for the whole encounter, defeat every extra sub-boss, etc. Playing on Prestige is like being in a band. Your timing better be right. Anyway, we didn't finish the boss. But we did the 3 main challenges, and people had to get offline before I finished.

Last night I finished, but on Normal. I just wanted the boss clear- unfortunately, basically none of the items available are worth much, in terms of their power or abilities. I did get a sort of “whole set” of armor, and a few of the weapons. See below.

So now it’s on to the next one(s).

Leviathan came out first, at launch. So that’s where I’ve started. I want to do them “in order”, so to speak, so this weekend I’ll tackle Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars.

I’m using an LFG Discord Server, and it’s going well. I’m making some connections and I hope to turn that into a regular raid team eventually. Maybe even split off a chunk of my clan, the Progenitors, or start a new “Night Shift” crew…

More soon. Eyes up, Guardians.