Things have been a little quiet... but I'm cooking a bunch of stuff up right now. Slowly, I guess. Like a slow cooker.


Problem is, I may have hurt myself fairly badly and still need another day or two to really heal. I had a pretty bad spill on my mountain bike. I went over the front bars like Superman and landed flat out- my glasses fell off, my pocket knife came unclipped and flew forward, and my shoe came off, too. This is apparently known as a "yard sale".

I have a ton of scrapes from the bike hitting me, from me hitting the ground (twice?) and TBH, from two other smaller falls.

Then- icing on the cake, I fell down the stairs into my building during the big rain storm on Saturday. In the end, I think the ultimate damage is some torn or otherwise very strained muscles in my core and my legs. The scrapes and bruises show a pattern of where I battered myself. Now the actual pain is fully set in and I can feel my parts healing (or trying to). Whoops.

So- I'll have some painting and streaming updates soon. I'll have further updates from donations to St Jude and two other brand new projects to share... by the end of the week. Which is brutal. I lost a few days completely to a bad ride (to be fair, it was a good ride too). And I still have to hustle for that rent, too (only a really short way to go, which is good because of how short of a time I have).

Anyway- thanks again, really and truly... To everyone who participated with GuardianCon, with the raffle, with every little preparation for the convention... To the folks who have supported me with materials or time, and of course with words and encouragement, which allowed me to ramp up my efforts at making art full time. It has helped a ton in ways that I can't fully describe with words- so I'll keep working on new pieces and describing these feelings that way.

More soon.