October & November Patrons

October & November Patrons

A lot has happened since my last post. Most importantly, I got a new job. But I also got some respite in the form of some studio space! I’ve been without a proper studio since September, but in mid-Nov, I was able to set up a partial studio in a friend’s garage.

I’m working on finding a new place to live and work on art, and will likely have something locked down in just a few weeks.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on various projects and just finished putting together the digital rewards for October and November patrons! Postcards are almost done, and prints are printed and need to go into the mail. Sorry things have been late.

You can sign up here:

Previews of this month’s phone wallpapers:




fait divers

fait divers

I take issue with both the words appropriated and plagiarism appearing in the following article’s title.

For better or worse, they are two different things. Activity and result. It’s a thin line between creative genius and stolen artwork.

ArtNet - Jeff Koons/Nef-Nef



And I'm no fan of appropriation art. See also: Richard Prince and art I've done in response to his works (which, based on this new blog, deserves a post of its own).

Fait D’hiver, 1985 advertisement versus Fait D’hiver, 1988 sculpture. Side by side.

It's derivative. It's not an exact copy. It's also an uninspired derivative... Koons swapped his then wife into the design, took out the booze/reference to being saved (like by a big mountain dog), and added some penguins.

But then again, it's an ad that's just leaning on the shock/out of place nature/juxtaposition of the subjects. So maybe the ad is uninspired, but maybe I just don't know the context well enough...

Is putting a fancy lady next to a pig low hanging fruit, conceptually? In 1985 was it?

But also, the original show that Koons' piece was created for was based on making derivative works. On purpose. Based on ads. This piece was made to specifically be a derivative. So... where does intent and permission come in here? Were there 10 other pieces? Was permission granted for any works if they were overtly derivative?

Do we just call this plagiarism because the original artist didn't give permission? Or are we just calling stolen artistic ideas with mildly different approaches "appropriation art"?

And what about it taking 30+ years for the original artist to know about the piece and bring suit?

Surely the original artist was paid for their designing the ad, as was the model for appearing in it. And the photographer for shooting it. And whoever else was involved.

I... assume the pig was a trained professional or a pet. And that it was not eaten, but was loved.

I want people to be original. Artists especially. Jeff Koons isn't particularly the most well known hero of the modern art world at this point. I don't care if he was or wasn't in 1988, in one case out of maybe a few dozen...

But a case does creates precedent. It this arena, this precedent, (from my point of view) stifles remix and re-imagining. By an inch only, maybe. But it takes that inch, without remorse.

Midterm 2018 aka RvBv3vNULL

Midterm 2018 aka RvBv3vNULL

It's a game. And the strategy is about sequence and priority.

The game is rigged,
but it's the only game in town.

November 6, 2018
Red versus Blue versus 3rd Party versus Null *

The most functional priority at this moment is to play the game as it is dealt. Because no matter the number of players, which team they play for, if they play for a team that has no chance, or if any players abstain… the team who wins tonight will still wield power as a result of the outcome of the game.

There are two dominating teams right now. One is doing damage to the field we play on. The other is trying to stop the damage to the field (at least).

The penultimate match for the current season started this morning.

*— I guess write-ins also? Or fourth or fifth parties.

So, here’s the game as I see it:

Red versus Blue. Capture the Flag.

It is two teams only (despite other teams hanging out near the field, even pretending to play). The game is "Capture the Flag". Every player is basically worth one point. Most players into the flag zone(s) before the time limit expires wins.

Before the game, whoever convinces the most people to play for their team (or removes the most players from the opposing team) has the best advantage to win.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a relay race. Each sprint is a serious part, but we HAVE TO keep going.

Over multiple seasons.

Beyond that, the most optimal priority is to use the rules as they exist to affect future outcomes by participating constantly and consistently.

Voting == participation.

There are other forms of participation (soap, jury, ammo, etc). But participation in the voting form helps ensure that the next game will be played, if not in a more fair way, in a way that at least *you* (or your team) find(s) more suitable. I would like to say ‘let’s assume all players participate in an effort to make the game more fair next time’, but that would be childish of me. Some people will cheat. Some will manipulate the system. Some will manipulate the players. This is how this game has worked thus far.

So then, if you choose third party or choose to abstain… Your only input in the game is to skew the Red versus Blue outcome. While it would be nice to have the option, you can't just vote to [ make the game fair ] in a magic wand/silver bullet sort of way, where each team has an equally probable outcome (3, 4, 5, 6 teams… and on and on).

Right now, you have to participate for the team that is most likely to move the pieces into your perceived optimal and/or fairest position for the next game and the next game. Because there needs to keep being next games.

Next game, if you stay motivated and involved, you should have gleaned enough to know which team is the best one for you to participate for. And the time after that. And the time after that. So it’s incremental. Your involvement via support, via activity, via results. You evolve the system you’re a part of, or it stagnates, withers, and crumbles.

Right now our increments are the Red and Blue teams trading positions, over and over. I don’t like it as much as anyone else, but that is the reality of the situation.

I’m not saying disruption of that is impossible. I’m not saying I don’t want that disruption to happen.

It IS possible. I DO want that disruption.

But from a mile up, right now, in this very moment, you’ll see the Red and Blue teams fighting it out. The Green team and the White team… They’re not even taking significant chunks of the board. As for any other team color… I’m not even sure we could see them from this far up.

So swallow your pride. Your logic. Pick a color. Get in the meaningful part of the game- not forever, not permanently. Don’t sign a pledge to only ever back the Red team or the Blue team. Start working on the Green team. Or start the Lavender team.

But play the game that got dealt this morning. Play it because it matters so, so much… because it 100% does.

You’d have to be blind or complicit not to see that one side is breaking the rules right now. And that their primary strategy is to keep playing it like it’s about ONLY winning or losing.

But this isn’t a W/L, Elo number, zero-sum game. It’s a long, long, seasonal, recurring and stacking game.

ALL of this is predicated upon the idea that the game is worth playing. And it's only worth playing if the players participate. And the only outcomes that truly, truly matter are the ones that aren’t skewed or manipulated.

Patreon 1 - Sept 2018

Patreon 1 - Sept 2018

So, I’m not sure what Patreon counts as a month. Or rather, what they count as the first month. Is it the month you start or is it the first full month?

Anyway what I did was treat the people who signed up in September as folks who received September’s rewards. Thanks to my living situation and continued job hunt while working as a day laborer situation, I’m just now finishing parts of it, though I sent the September prints out a few weeks ago.

The first two postcard paintings from this new, continuing project are (finally) complete:

Big huge thank yous for September 2018:


I’ll be sending out the phone backgrounds this weekend. And posting more about October’s patrons and rewards soon! You know, since October is nearly done.

You can become a member here: patreon.com/irrezolut

Roaches and Endings

Roaches and Endings

I’ve moved out of my apartment in Reston.

I spent the last month working with the apartment complex and an exterminator. I got the leasing office to agree to let me out of my lease if the infestation wasn’t resolved to our satisfaction. It wasn’t. So here I am, couch surfing while I look for a new job and a new place to live.

99% of my life and my entire studio is now in a 10x20’ box. I thoroughly wrapped anything that wasn’t clearly and certainly not infested in plastic (hundreds of records, books, magazines, crates of electronics, my PC, my TV, my monitor…). Stuff that was questionable or made by Ikea was thrown out.

Some non-infested things just got ‘baled’ to make it easier to move them. Anything that might have hidden a roach or an egg sac was wrapped to suffocate and dehydrate. Everything in that unit is being cooked during the day and chilled at night. Having become nearly an expert on German cockroaches (the kind that infested my apartment), this should be sufficient to ensure they’re all dead within about two weeks. A month to be sure.


I moved for a bunch of reasons. A lot of them were to make myself and my dog happy. The location was key. Right next to a huge park to go for long walks in (and to mountain bike in). Close to the Metro.

The rest, I was sure, wouldn’t matter. But I was wrong. I had never lived with infestation. I didn’t know how to search for information on what it might mean. I saw some roaches when I moved in and thought “Normal. The reviews of this place say there are roaches, we’re right next to the park, and it’s an apartment. There’s no way to prevent it entirely. I’ll be fine.”

On my last night there, sleeping on a couch, I plugged in my phone charger only to have a roach crawl out of the outlet and along the wall, pausing as if to say “How dare you?” before I slapped the wall, crushing it.


I should have engaged with the leasing office on day one. I should have looked up more than a few Wikipedia pages and blog posts. I should have been more concerned when the infestation got worse during the summer.

Would have/Should have…

The thing is, though, the building should be cleared and cleaned. It deserves a renovation and some upgrades. It’s an old building. It’s got some history. It’s not great, but it’s in a beautiful area and it deserves to be preserved better than it is.

Someone should put love into it, because it deserves that. Most of all, the people who move into it, who live there now, who want to live there in the future… they deserve to live free of the possibility that their possessions will become infested. They shouldn’t be worried that they’ll have to throw out their beloved rice cookers or their expensive TV’s or Playstations. Or that their food will become contaminated or their pets sick.

I’m glad that I was able to get out with so few problems, on the scale of problems that could have come from this whole situation. But we need to do better. Sharing a building is a necessity for so many people.

When I left the apartment yesterday for the last time, I sang:

Adventure Time, come on tell your friends
Let’s go to very distant lands
With Ghost the dog and Joe the human
The fun will never end
It’s adventure time

You can sing that song and make it sound kind of sad. Or you can sing it and remember that now you’re not bound to the DC area anymore. Not just by decision, but also by circumstance.

So I’m staying with friends for about 2 weeks. Then I’m heading down to NC to stay with my Mom for a bit. I have interviews and part time work lined up. But this might be the end of me living in the DC area.

More soon.