Jade Rabbit/Jade Jester/IR Custom - Anime & Homage


Jade Rabbit/Jade Jester/IR Custom - Anime & Homage

The Jade Rabbit and its iconic design, most notably the Jade Jester ornament, is one of the most intriguing designs in all of Destiny 2 (and D1).

It gives a nod, in game, to something that we just don’t have any lore for:


My painting of the Jade Rabbit/Jade Jester ornament - optimized for 19x13” print.

The nod to Akira and the decoration style of Kaneda’s custom motorcycle is a fairly clear. It’s reminiscent of late 80’s early 90’s anime with a cyber punk lean. My version replaces the in-game decals with graffiti, my own logos, references to my play style (Hunter main, baby) and a nod to Akira and my favorite anime of all time, FLCL (which, side note, was also the icon used for the clan I have been a part of since joining in on Destiny on PS4 in 2015).

The suggestions that Destiny makes, time and again, to it existing in the future of our world, is something that few post-apocalyptic settings do well. Either its a huge effort and a long reach to get there, or it’s just ignored in favor of development of other kinds of story, game play, game modes, etc.

A full view of the finished 42x36” painting.


The overall process was fairly simple. Using in game screen caps, as well as a preview from the Destiny Companion app, I was able to isolate and get a full profile view of the Jade Rabbit. From there, I made a rough sketch that I then scanned, scaled up, printed and traced- this time using a ruler to straighten out and conform/balance the source sketch.

At this point, it’s still rough because just the outline needs to go onto the canvas. I have a lightbox projector thing that, tbh, just isn’t super bright or easy to use. But in a dark enough room, it works decently if I’m patient. Once the outline is on the painting surface, it’s a lot easier. I mixed up some bubblegum pink paint that would run and drip. I used some additional collage layers and stickers to get the right details on the canvas. And then I used transfer paper to get finer and finer details, and to add better outlines for fills (especially on that text).

The symbols I chose to modify or include push the references closer to the motorcycle in Akira. Obviously, the original design is reminiscent of several cyber punk and anime designs, and it smacks of American and UK punk culture. But I couldn’t not see the connection to Akira.

 Kaneda’s Bike

Kaneda’s Bike



Destiny has a rich lore. Period. It’s one of the reasons it’s my favorite game. The new lore and triumph screens really turn this into the experience I’ve always wanted (you hear that, EA? You hear that, Bioware? Go back to the level of production in the original Mass Effect, please!). The depth and intricate web of story from a game that is essentially non-linear in its storytelling is fantastic… even if the story itself that your Guardian lives through is not always the most compelling narrative.

How many engrams do you think it would take to hold my favorite anime films, TV shows, related American spin-offs, and manga? Just one, probably, right?


Patronage & Work


Patronage & Work


Today is Monday, September 10th. I have decided to take advantage of the services offered by Patreon to connect with those of you who deem my work worthy of hanging in your homes, offices, game rooms, and various places of work.

You can check out my Patreon here:

I will be offering three things to you, potential Patron: digital art (wallpapers for your phone and computer), 4x6 postcard paintings, and prints.


These offerings will be completed on a monthly basis (except the prints- more on that below). Certainly new designs and new prints will be made available to patrons as well. And I will also endeavor to offer everything that I make for the Patreon available for sale on my Etsy and at shows, via local pickups, etc.

Previously, I made postcard paintings once a year for anyone who wanted one, for free. Those of you who received them will remember that they were somewhat random. I know many, many of you still have them in cherished spots in your home. Below you will see a few additional examples of these works.

I never kept those addresses or e-mails to keep in touch. I definitely should have. So I'm starting from scratch, in some ways. I hope, even if you previously received free art from me once a year, you'll consider subscribing at any level.


A wallpaper for your phone and computer- actually several for your phone, based on how the compositions will be made for large monitors. These will be formatted for high resolution screens and scaled down to fit most devices and screen ratios.


4x6 mixed media paintings, some started on blank postcards, others on extant postcards. These will be selected randomly from a batch created each month.

A huge number of examples of these kinds of paintings are available to view on my Flickr, with hundreds from previous years runs of gifted postcards. There are over 1,000 pieces to view, should you have the time. : )

2014 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 


Inspired by the mechanics in video games, I have created a "loot table" of my prints, available at 9.5x13" and 13x19". For the remainder of 2018, I will create a table with four prints. Everyone who subscribes to the monthly print "loot table" will get all four prints, which I will feature here in another post. If you subscribe, I'll roll a D4 and you'll get the corresponding print (#1-4).

The table will also utilize a "knockout" feature, which I will use to prevent patrons from receiving duplicate art.


Next year, assuming things go well, I will offer 20 different prints. But you're saying to yourself- "How will that work? There's only 12 months in a year! How will I get the whole set?" Well, dear patron, I will offer bonus levels to receive "extra rolls" on the loot table each year so that you can obtain 20/20, if you are a completionist like I am.

More details on all of this soon, including the prints on offer for the remainder of 2018.


Additionally, this week I will find out if I am approved to work as an independent contractor via Task Rabbit.

After seeking a job relentlessly these past two months, I have been offered only a few interviews. So I am looking to gain income through some ancillary skills, such as decorating, furniture assembly and deliveries.

I'll post more on that soon, if I'm approved for this work. I expect to be, but I don't know the exact criteria used, and assume that if there is a dearth of users already offering the same skills as me, I might be put on a waiting list or something.

I will continue to apply to design and art jobs throughout the DC metro area, and will begin looking for new opportunities elsewhere as well.


Thanks for reading. More soon.


This is Labor

This is Labor

Today, September 3rd 2018, is a national public holiday in the US. Labor Day. It is a day designated to celebrate labor unions and American labor.

You might not know it from the way the American government treats its workers. You might not know it from the way that American politicians talk about labor unions. You might not know it at all, because you are probably aware how hobbled individuals are by 'Right To Work' and the debacle that is the American healthcare/insurance system.

But I guarantee you that there are real people working hard, some being ground to dust by their labor, some sustaining entire families or groups by their efforts. We don't even really need to compare and we don't need to draw lines between them. We know labor when we see it.

To them, to those whose efforts drive us forward through progress and struggle, we can raise a hearty salute.

To everyone living paycheck-to-paycheck. To everyone secure in their station. To everyone locked in bed by their own brain after 10 days straight of full shifts. To everyone who spends a greater share of their working hours raising money and not _actually_ working. To the beggars and the destitute. To the impostors. To the originators.

Your labor is valuable. Your efforts rest on the shoulders of all those who came before who wanted to build a better place for themselves and for all others: friend, family or stranger.

Our individual efforts, accelerated by the gravity of our interests, bring us forward. Our best moments and our best interests drive us towards goals both lofty and mundane. We trust our momentum and do what we can, every day.

Let's help each other stay motivated and work hard to reach our goals. We can encourage each other with positivity and righteous critique, being as honest as we can about our successes and failures.

This is labor.

Now, we the American working population
Hate the fact that eight hours a day
Is wasted on chasing the dream of someone that isn’t us
And we may not hate our jobs
But we hate jobs in general
That don’t have to do with fighting our own causes
We the American working population
Hate the nine-to-five day-in day-out
When we’d rather be supporting ourselves
By being paid to perfect the pastimes
That we have harbored based solely on the fact
That it makes us smile if it sounds dope
— Aesop Rock

Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart

This past week has been one of the hardest in my life.

Early last week, I made a public note to friends and family over Facebook about my current plans, with regard to my living situation and assisting with some medical care for my father. I have also been very forthright about the roach infestation in my current apartment, the true level of which only became apparent as I prepared to move.

I will not be proceeding with those plans. I have had to make some rather intense adjustments to determine a path forward.

PART I - ROACHES (et al)

I moved to Reston in January, finally able to be approved for an apartment after clearing my bankruptcy, filed in late 2016. I chose a location that was convenient to my most urgent needs- a Metro station, a park to ride my bike in, and close access to free local amenities for my dog.

I carefully searched and read reviews and settled on Colvin Woods. It was cheap (comparatively- it's still Northern VA, after all), literally right next to Lake Fairfax Park, and is dog friendly. There were only a few other options nearby, and I set out on the day I applied for my current home with the intent of looking at my each of my preferences in turn. I was accepted at Colvin Woods that day and didn't bother visiting others.

I know now that I should have moved on immediately. However, I ignored the notes others left on Yelp about the conditions of the apartments. After all, I've lived in some fairly shitty places and I'm a clean person. I thought I would be able to avoid problems (or just deal with them).

Turns out I was dead wrong. Today, 6 days into heavy cleaning of my apartment, I literally had to disassemble my desk and clean each part. It's not a complicated desk, but it has just enough hollow parts with tiny cracks which roaches could invade... It was an upsetting process. It was not the first nest I had to destroy and clean.

At this time, I am no longer working on moving out immediately (see above, and also below). I will be working with the apartment complex to further decontaminate my home- but I have no hope that it will ever be truly clean. Nor that I will be able to retain most, if any of my belongings once I do eventually leave.


I have had a falling out with my father.

He is unwell and he is, as far as I am concerned, not taking his recovery seriously and not properly following the advice of his doctors. There are other reasons for our falling out, but I would say the main thrust is his behavior throughout the course of his illness, since April (and probably before that).

I firmly believe that you cannot help someone who will not help themselves. And I, myself, am nowhere near healthy or stable enough to be able to make sacrifices for another individual, let alone one whose behavior is constantly and consistently deleterious to their own well being. Even if that person is the closest and most important family member in my life.

I want to forgive him and move on. But that requires work on both of our parts. Unfortunately the lion's share is on him. I will not be a part of his life until he is deemed healthy by his doctors and he has a stable and healthy lifestyle.

So, where does that leave me?

A friend has graciously agreed to assist me with my rent for the month of September. I am in full job search mode, and may even hear back from a potential employer within the week.

Some art projects are on hold, because I had to discard important materials. Some will be finished as quickly as possible. Others might never happen now. We'll see, once I finish cleaning the apartment. It all depends on how much is left. Many of the materials that I have to discard are irreplaceable.

I want to also say thank you to all of the people who have supported me throughout this situation. I removed a lot of posts about all of this that I had been making last week and over the weekend. That was not to diminish the thoughts and actions of those who have been supportive, but more because I was no longer happy with the way I had presented the situation.

Thanks again, and thank you especially for reading.

More soon.

Whisper of The Worm

Whisper of The Worm

A few weeks ago, Bungie released an amazing new quest into the world of Destiny 2. The Whisper of the Worm exotic sniper rifle was able to be obtained by completing a quest that only appears during limited times, if you "incorrectly" complete a public event in a specific area of Io.


Last week I was able to finish the mission with two veteran members of my Clan. We finished the mission with only a few seconds to spare, but were able to equip another 2 members of the team with the weapon for future raids and boss fights (and just the meanest crucible snipes).

A redux of the classic Black Spindle mission, and a direct reference to the Black Spindle and Black Hammer sniper rifles from Destiny 1. This new version has several premium skins and while I kind of hate supporting MTX... They're just gorgeous designs.

 Bound Hammer, a reference to Eris Mourn, the Hunter introduced in the Dark Below expansion of Destiny 1, who had to sacrifice her light and her own eyes to be able to escape Crota's lair.

Bound Hammer, a reference to Eris Mourn, the Hunter introduced in the Dark Below expansion of Destiny 1, who had to sacrifice her light and her own eyes to be able to escape Crota's lair.

 Between Breaths, a design reminiscent of bone and chitin, closer to the design of the Hive than the Taken, and the eventual subject matter of my sketch.

Between Breaths, a design reminiscent of bone and chitin, closer to the design of the Hive than the Taken, and the eventual subject matter of my sketch.

As noted above, I decided that my painting of this weapon will be of the Between Breaths ornament variant. It's the most interesting and stylish to my eye, and I think the biggest and most interesting challenges will be to paint the lighting effects of the Taken "magic" even though they're featured somewhat less on this version of the gun. Another interesting challenge will be to capture the depth of the rifle's parts- it is somewhat easier to tell when the weapon is in motion- as your character racks the slide on the weapon and manipulates the angle that is available to actuate the lever, you can see clearly how the upper cover behind the barrel is a frame that encompasses the firing mechanism and the barrel itself. Yet another testament to the amazingness of the designers working on these models at Bungie.

Below are some previews of my sketch (before I noticed that the "beard" on the "dragon's" "maw" was missing in my first sketch- you can see the updates in the preview above and the image at the bottom). Painting starts soon.

 Full, missing "beard".

Full, missing "beard".

 Detail, Body

Detail, Body

Fully optimized scan of sketch on 11x17 paper.

This design is amazing. I can't wait to paint it. At about 28x16", it will be slightly smaller than my other works, at least for now. I may do an even larger version- but I want to focus on creating a very unique design and getting it set up as a print like the others I had available at GuardianCon in July.

More soon.