Well. Hello, and there you are.

It's been a while since I've posted, and a while still since I've been in touch with our supporters. That might be an understatement. It's been over a year. I'm sorry for that, but I can't allow that to eat at me. So here I am, making plans and working on promises, as a kind of penance.

A lot of things have happened between then and now. To you, to me, to everyone involved with The Fold and Variate Dot Net. Even to some animals (our pets and friends- not just, you know, all the animals... But I suppose that things have happened to them, too...).


Anyway. The studio isn't open yet. Not officially. We have some bands working with us here already, but we're not open open... Despite that, the rewards are being crafted. They are coming out soon. I'm going to post a full update to all backers very soon with details.

But I want to explain how we have had to make concessions on our plans for The Fold. For the studio's life in general. So I thought it best to do that here, more conversationally. Less about the matter of facts and the facts of the matter. Just the facts, ma'am. Et cetera.

On the subject of facts. A sad fact that has taken us some time to process (especially me), and even more for the impact to play out, is this: we did not reach our goal.

That means we have to cut something. That something will be events. We don't have the time or the funds to do it right, and we don't want to divert our efforts to something we can't do well. Though largely unstated, a primary goal in all of this is to deliver quality content and we don't want to sacrifice that here.

It comes down to a simple (but thorough) calculation about time. Time is a part of this whole thing, again and again. Quality requires time, and the old saying here is true: time is money. But this isn't an admission of defeat. Or of failure. We are still trying to build up a studio and an audience for ourselves and our friends, but there are costs. The main component of those costs is time.

Because we need to use time to make money, and that time is relative to a million other things. Not just the studio but living, too. From dogs to jobs to health to rent to unexpected bills and on to lost jobs. 


Anyway, for now... We've guaranteed you some high quality creative content. We've had time to assimilate our situation(s). We are liquid enough to start working again. We are healthy enough to attend to this and not screw it up.

Look for the first wave of quality content hitting your inboxes and mailboxes in about a week or so.

More soon.