It's been about a week since we launched the campaign. I'd like to have gotten an update out sooner, but we've been busy! And, as I go through this process, time becomes more and more precious. Despite that (or maybe because of it?), I can't help but stop and think on the connections we've made over the years, doing creative work in and around the DC/MD/VA area.

Our first and biggest connections are our families and our closest friends. They've stuck with us, here in the greater DC area, while many have moved far, far away or moved on to other things. They have supported us, mentally and physically. Sustained us financially and morally over the years. We couldn't be here without them and the thanks they deserve will only be paid in full when we have expended enough of our creative "mana pool", and made our very best works. Because without them, those works would never even have the chance to exist.

50 funders, and nearly $3,000...

But wait- the campaign page says 49 funders, and $1,862 now, right?

Well, we have one additional donor who's not on the list yet- our largest donor so far. She sent a check, and I'll be depositing it and adding it to our total later this week. I'm not sure she wants to be called out, but I have to do it, because she has been one of my biggest fans for longer than nearly anyone else... My grandmother, Patricia Nicolia. She's given us a thousand dollars to help this dream become a reality.

But she's given far more than that for so, so long. She's helped me with the costs of art school, she's helped with supplies and moral support... Since I was little, she's bought me pencils and paper and given encouragement beyond measure. She is a true patron of the arts, having collaborated with fashion designers, supported small craft makers and theaters.

I- no, we- want to succeed and show our friends and family that we can make amazing things. Because of all their support in the past... And, now- because of the help we need- and the challenge that they are all rising to, we will be able show them what we are capable of.

This thing... What we are doing... It is not just for you. It is not just without you.
In the end, it is some magical mixture of both... That is why we will succeed.

Thank you! Thank you so much. I cannot print love, but I can print things that are made of it, and rest assured that it will come to you.

... and speaking of which- before the end of the week, we will have previews of our amazing rewards on the Indiegogo and here on

More soon. /j.