Concept: Live Collaboration & Fundraising Effort for GuardianCon 2019 (or later)

Donation-based, limited space, “get your name (read: your gamertag, your twitter handle, your online alias, etc) tagged by a Destiny Community Artist. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE: the painting will be a gift to: Raredrop (preferred) or Bungie (possibly??) - but it should go to an org that inspired all of this.

- person donates NN$ (10? 20? - space will be limited) or a pay what you can?
- person picks an artist: Kob, Khan, Rez (a fourth? or we can do something special?)

Art Outcome:
- each artist adds the names that are sold- this is meant to be maybe 40, 50- 100 names tops (each)
- hopefully a quick signing effort, then a finishing layer
- if all goes well, it could be presented at the end of the convention

Fundraising Outcome:
- a few hundred extra bucks for St. Jude
- possibly more, if pay-what-you-want entices some big names to throw down to be included?

Community Outcome:
- anyone from streamers to devs to players to other artists could be included
- photo opportunity

See above - columns, with IDENT for artist doing tags, and columns for names. This concept shows 100 lines each- these are about twice the height of a name space on like a regular form at the DMV.